I’m Emma and I’m mummy to three daughters; Nevie, Myla, and Matilda and we are lucky to be living on the South Coast. I’m married to my childhood sweetheart and best friend Dave – we met at senior school aged 13 and it’s been “Emma and Dave” ever since.

my three girls

I started blogging back in 2005 writing about my transition from uni to employment at the start of my career into marketing and public relations. Since then my blog has changed name and developed along with my journey in life.

My blog has grown-up with me.

I’m a freelance PR working from home around my children. My husband is a numbers guy working from an office most days. We have two cats aged 9 years, a puppy aged 9 months, a rabbit and two goldfish.

me and dave

As a family we love camping and going on UK holidays where there’s walking, swimming and an opportunity to relax surrounded by the glorious UK countryside.

When we are not working on our house, going to birthday parties or relaxing at home we like to get out for runs, walks and bike rides. Our puppy loves to come on our adventures too.