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New Home With Children

Hey! So we did it… we finally did it. We moved house! This is something that we have been wanting for years and after Dave had a dream that we should be moving, with the process starting the morning after the dream, we finally moved at the beginning of March. A very anxious 13 weeks after we had our offer accepted.

That spring clean moment for us started in November as soon as we sold the house and I have been so excited about making a new start. For me, the move was all about A FRESH START with everything. Who I work for, who I surround myself with, how I handle my anxiety, how I raise my children, how I cope with daily life as a mum who juggles work/house/kids/life. For me, this move was bigger than the house, it was all about saying GOODBYE to my depression and focusing on getting myself to where I have dreamt of for so long.

My prayers were answered and God listened.
As all the boxing up was happening, I felt numb. I was actually at the point where I wanted to leave everything but my family photo’s behind and start all over again. I have been ready for the new start for a while now.

I’m not sure if it was wise but I chose to go cold turkey on my anti-depressants on the day of the move. There’s nothing wrong with taking them but I have become dependent on them for years now. Relying on them to give me the energy and balance that my brain needs. It was annoying me how all my friends seem to juggle a hectic life without tablets and I needed them. I have been weak for so long. This is my chance to feel and be strong and to start a new journey where I learn to deal with my emotions.


My family and I love our new home and from the second we moved in, this house felt like OUR home. It was meant to be. God helped us find the home that fitted us. I will forever be grateful.

The neighbours so far, seem so lovely. We have had lovely welcome cards and the local kids come and knock for Nevie, Myla and Matilda to play out on their bikes.

I’m determined to get rid of the stress. I have come to realise that I can’t cope with stress. I just can’t cope with any form of stress. I only want to do the things that make me smile. I want life to flow without the stress. I like seeing my kids happy with their own space and Dave happy with his space. I’m fed up with crying in front of my kids.


Looking back, in 16 years, we have worked so hard to progress on the housing ladder. The two of us didn’t have expectations of a house. We just wanted to live together and be home-owners. We knew that each house we lived in was never our forever home. We tried to move several times but each time proved impossible until we decided to speak with an independent mortgage broker and she managed to offer more opportunities than a bank. We were surprised! She went beyond her call of duty. Being a mum herself meant that she understood our needs. I would encourage anyone looking to buy to speak with Pam at Chine Financial because she truly was our guardian angel and we will forever be grateful for making that phone call to her the day after Daves dream.

Unpacking means that I’m analysing everything because I don’t want to fill my home with ‘the black cloud’. Everything in my home needs to have that lovely, happy feeling. I need everything in my house to scream ‘we will be okay’ and I’m pretty sure that sounds crazy. Not only does this approach take place in my personal belongings but with activities and friends and work. Life is short and I know that it’s too important to waste. I can’t afford to be that unhappy person, I have three little girls that look up to me. I’m their influence. I’m the main woman in their beautiful lives that they are inspired to be.

Anyway, thank you for reading my rambles!


Emma x

Podcast 1 Mental health

Sometimes I Try Too Hard

Sometimes I try too hard. Actually, make that most of the time. If I really took the time to sit and think at the end of every single day what I had done, ya know, reflect then I would always end up asking myself why I bothered.

Why did I really go to that event?

Why did I really park where I did for the school run?

Why did I really blog?

Why did I really cook that dinner?

Why did I really go to that class?

Why do I take my kids to those activities?

Why did I really text that person?

I try too hard.

If I stopped trying and I just got on with my own business. My own life. The easy route then would all those things be missed? Would I feel any different? Would I worry so much? Would I care so much?

Have you ever got to that point where you think, hey! Let’s not bother. Let’s see what happens if I don’t try. If I take the simple life. So many people in my life that aren’t actually bothered about me. It’s just being polite. 

Earn only the amount I need to get by and not try and take on the world. Just cook one simple dinner that I know the family will eat. Park closer at the school where Matilda isnt going to have a melt down that it’s so far and she is freezing cold. Don’t text those that actually aren’t bothered about hearing from you. Just walk away from blogging as it’s just another thing that nobody cares about. Just keep myself to myself. Just don’t try. I wonder what would happen?

Podcast 1 Mental health

I have no idea how people do the 500 calorie diet

The Diet…

The calorie counting has had its plus and minuses if i’m honest. When I do it, it’s a real eye opener and I have no idea how people do this 500 calorie diet. I can’t seem to go under 1200 calories! On those days I don’t add data to the calorie counting app I feel like I’m free and I don’t eat as much. How does that work?! Anyway i’m 4lbs lighter than last year which is better than 4lbs on I guess.


Since the new year, I have run a lot. I’m talking 11 miles every weekend and dancing and gym and school runs (seriously I’m counting everything).

I just need to find someone to serve me my healthy snacks and meals – simple!

The House Move …

So, we sold at the end of November and we also bought at the end of November. We are currently so close to exchanging that I’m constantly checking my emails for the solicitor to announce the much-needed news. Argh it’s driving me insane. As both my husband and I work all week we have been doing clear outs, tip runs and packing on weekends around birthday parties and family outings. There is no method to the madness at all. Just tip everything we don’t want and box everything we are keeping. We still have lots to do but we are in limbo. How much do you pack up before you have exchanged? My existing house, of 10 years feels cold and empty now. We are ready to move on. In our minds this move is a fresh start and we want that fresh start to happen now. It’s almost like waiting for a much awaited holiday to come around.  I can imagine myself and my family in our new home – which is incredible when I have only been inside it once and day dream from the images on the leaflet. I also have worries. What if this house is nothing like I remember. The big move and all that excitement for nothing.

We still have lots to do but we are in limbo. How much do you pack up before you have exchanged? My existing house, of 10 years feels cold and empty now. We are ready to move on. In our minds this move is a fresh start and we want that fresh start to happen now. It’s almost like waiting for a much needed holiday to come around.  I can imagine myself and my family in our new home – which is incredible when I have only been inside it once and day dream from the images on the leaflet. I also have worries. What if this house is nothing like I remember. The big move and all that excitement for nothing. The grass isn’t always greener and all that.

Luckily there’s no work to do to the house – from what i remember. I want a wall taken down and the garage to be transformed and new furniture. I want all my girls to have pretty single beds rather than their high sleepers, I want a new bed, something vintage and pretty. A new dining table, A new sofa. I also want new curtains and new bedding, a new desk and a new dresser. I just want to start all over again and buy the things that I have dreamt about for years. I want it all light and white and calm and relaxing.

We spent the last ten years growing up in our house. Wasting money and saving money. Having three children and going from the early days in our careers to wherewe are now in our thirties. Our existing house had been the house that we have been growing up in. We have learnt a lot and created new dreams. Our new house is where we will be grown ups. Our decisions will be better. Our income and understanding of money is better.

The people my husband and I and our children want to be and want to become will happen in this house.


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talkRADIO is launching a brand new radio show, Badass Women’s Hour

I have just read this press release that was emailed over to me and I have to share – sounds exciting!

12 January 2017, London: talkRADIO is launching a brand new radio show, Badass Women’s Hour, which will be broadcast every Saturday night at 8pm starting this Saturday [14 January].

Presented by journalist Harriet Minter and co-hosted by entrepreneurs Natalie Campbell and Emma Sexton, Badass Women’s Hour will feature bold and inspiring women from fashion, music, design & business, reacting to the biggest talking points in a funny and entertaining way.

Harriet Minter is a journalist and broadcaster specialising in women and work. She founded and edited the Guardian’s Women in Leadership section and is now a columnist for the newspaper on women in technology. Natalie Campbell is the co-founder of A Very Good Company (AVGC), a global social innovation agency and Emma Sexton is the founder and creative director of design business Make Your Words Work and also the co-founder of Flock Global, a collaborative network for entrepreneurs.

Minter, Campbell and Sexton said: “We’re all firm friends, and feel it’s important to bring those real conversations that women have over dinner, drinks and in private out into the open in a more honest and badass way. The show will be funny, frank and fearless – just like we are, and we can’t wait to get started.”

Dennie Morris, Managing Editor for talkRADIO, said: “This show is a really exciting development for us and we’re really pleased to have Harriet, Natalie and Emma on board to bring their ideas and contacts to the station. In true talkRADIO style, the show will cover the topics that everyone’s talking about and will be a fantastic listen.”


Podcast 1 Mental health

Week 1 Calorie Counting Diary – Test Week

Day 1 of the diet DONE so today we are onto day 2. I felt so proud of myself yesterday turning down wine and chocolate and cheese 😬 For January I’m aiming to shift half a stone which means I need to have willpower. Something I don’t have much of these days! For me, it’s important I lose the weight that I don’t want to carry because it plays on my mind and makes my mood very low. Today I plan on being active and going on a good long walk with my kids, hubby and pup. Packing fruit as snacks.


Day two of my New Year diet and I’m enjoying calorie counting. I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself and I was still allowed to have a small glass of red wine whilst cooking dinner. We walked for 2.5hrs in the forest today and it was brilliant. I LOVE stomps in nature. Free, educational and so refreshing. 💕 My first run of the new year is happening tomorrow which I’m excited about. It will be an early one but it sets you up for the day.


Day three and I have felt sick on and off today. I ran at 6am and picked on food a lot today but still within my calorie allowance and all healthy. My heart has been racing lots – like mini panic attacks. I think it’s because I haven’t been able to work for three weeks and I’m eager to get on with it. Kids are gradually going back to school this week so next week will be a normal week. I feel overwhelmed and I want to eat crap to help my anxiety and I can’t. I want wine. I can’t. No idea how to help the anxiety without chocolate and wine. That’s all I know. I’m trying to breathe and write a list but that’s not helping either.

Day 4 and today was a work day, mummy day, take the dog to the vet day, treat Matilda to a swim day and school run day! Woah. I used my calories on Warburtons thins and spinach/rocket. oh! And skinny popcorn! It was hard not snacking on chocolate and biscuits because that’s all I wanted as I’m super tired with kids not sleeping and felt a little anxious with juggling everything today. I did it though because that crap isn’t in the house anymore. I also met a client deadline today. My treat will be a glass of red wine whilst I carry on working tonight. I also consumed heaps of lemon water today and all I have done is visit the toilet every half an hour!

Day 5 and I’m 3lbs lighter. Yay!!! My mind is clearer and I’m feeling happier. I’m focused😎 and UNDER my calorie allowance today. Always good

Day 6 and I’m tired. Stupidly tired. Lost 3.5lbs in 6 days so I’m pleased but I’m craving crap so bad!! My kids haven’t been eating badly either this week so I gave them these sweet pots as a Friday treat. Their behavior has been so much better this week. I just want to drink a bottle of wine now in my pj’s … but I won’t! I’m heading out to see friends and I’m not drinking anything but sparkling water.


Day 7 and I decided to have a fringe cut and buy new makeup in order to feel better about myself. I had chocolate today 🙈but doing a 10-mile run tomorrow so i forgive myself. That bottle of prosecco has really blown it for me this week.


Day 8 and a 10 mile run, 1.5ltr of water and a Sunday roast for me! 💕 However I had a bottle of prosecco last night – awful I know! I think I will lower my calorie intake this week by a 50 and also up my 5k runs to three times this week as I didn’t run much last week. Aim for week two is to up my fruit intake.

Running mileage week 1 = 24k

Total Calories Consumed = 11,728 (allowance was 10,400)

Total Calories Burned = 2,007

So I’m trying to see week 1 as a test run – stupid prosecco! Stupid breakdown yesterday! So for the week ahead I’m allowing myself a total of (Monday to Sunday) 8,400 calories for the 7 days. In this time I’m hoping to burn 2000 calories from running.

Food this week should include;

Turkey breasts, chicken breasts, pasta, gammon, 5% mince, homemade bolognese and lots of fruit and veg.

Podcast 1 Mental health

The 2017 Healthy Food Goal

I haven’t stopped going on an incredible journey for one day this year. It’s a bloody roller coaster juggling kids and your own business, a house and pets and bloody emotions. I see life like Rebecca Ferguson though; everything happens in order to make us a better person. It’s true! I’m tired but a better person.

I adore New Year. So does my husband. It’s like starting a new book. Yipeeeeee. Each month is a new chapter. My husband and I went for a bottle of wine tonight without children. My mum wanted the kids over for dinner so we took some much needed time out at the local pub to discuss our 2016, our new house and our family eating habits. This is where we set new goals. One of those goals was to get home and out all the naughty food into a bag with the girls and get them to lift it to see what would be entering their tummies. This is one of the best things we have done and oh my days the bag was like santas sack!

I want to educate the girls on what food does to your mentality. Honestly this to me is hugely important. This has been a huge part of my journey. Consuming bad food from loneliness and anxiety has made my mood incredibly low. Its terrible. Its not what i want for my children and if I’m going  through it then so are they. We eat the same food. We live in the same house.

All of this would be in our tummies if I didn’t put my foot down. I’m not stopping my Kids from having treats but I have no willpower myself and have to think about my kids moods. It’s easy to slip into a lower state, so I have to do something.

Join me and my family on our 2017 food journey. Who’s in? We start tomorrow but would love to get more people involved. 

Podcast 1 Mental health

Buying Our Forever Home

We sold our house! We have bought another house! It’s really happening!

It’s a big deal to me. Since having post-natal depression years ago I found myself distant from my home. It’s only the past year that I have started enjoying being at home but it just doesn’t feel big enough. It’s a 3 bedroom terraced house. We don’t have any room for toys, we can’t move freely around the house and it has felt like a small house for a while now. The kids who share just bicker all the time. I just want peace.

We have been keen to move to a 4 bedroom detached for the past 3 years but thought it would never happen. It was okay. We have been working hard to save and make the move happen eventually but Dave woke up one morning and said he dreamt that we should be moving so that day he spoke to a friend who is a mortgage advisor and WOAH she made it happen. 

Everything is going through. I believe we are waiting for our buyers whom are first time buyers to sort their mortgage and survey but we are up to date with everything and so are the vendors that we are buying from.

This move is a big deal. We will only be 3 miles from our current area and the kids will still go to the same schools but we won’t be walking distance to friends for play, cuppa, wine,breakfast. It’s all about car journeys from when we move. Sleepovers too. 

I’m ready for the move. I mean mentally I think I need it. Last year I wanted to die (I’m not kidding. Depression really hit me!) and so we made the decision to change my way of life – my job. So next step is a house move. 

I hope we have made the right decision. I know the grass isn’t always greener but after ten years this move feels like it was meant to be.

I feel free writing this. Odd isn’t it? I feel like this will be another fresh start mentally. Another way of rebuilding me. 

Podcast 1 Mental health

It’s Time To Move House

Well my house went on the market yesterday and we have had viewers…twice! With parents. We have heard nothing though after their second visit so does that mean they don’t want our house? It’s okay because there isn’t much around so we arent in a great rush BUT boy does it feel rubbish after so much cleaning and tidying!

My house is truly wonderful. Not huge or well decorated but it’s been my family home for 9 years and It’s a lovely neighbourhood. I feel sad to be selling but we really need the extra room. 

My house is in Dorset and it’s up for £255k which is a bargain. I have made so many amazing memories in this house and I’m sad about parting with it. 

We viewed the house when we were about to get married in 2007 and it felt like the biggest house a newly wedded couple would dream of.

We have outgrown our family home so it’s time to move on. A hard decision. 

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Wash My Car … Spotless

Okay so here is my confession from this week. I paid a company to come to my house and Hoover my car out. I have been meaning to do it for ages and the last time I did it there was still mess left under the seats and at the side of the seats. My car is abused every day with having a family of five inside. I tried banning eating in the car but food is bribery so that rule never worked.

I found Washmycar.co.uk mentioned in a Facebook selling site so I thought I would look. I would never get around to phoning them so this company was brilliant – just book online like when youre placing your food shopping delivery! Booked in minutes.

My car was spotless and it only took about 45 minutes. It was deodorised too which smells lovely.

I paid £18 for this but honestly I would do it again. My car was disgusting inside. I think perhaps every two months I will need this service. It was cleaned whilst I worked so it took no time out of my day.

Actually I think the next job will have to be to have all the seats cleaned professionally because they offer this service too! 

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When You Start Your Day With Costa

Not a bad way to start my working day. Although I told myself I would simply order a black coffee but when I saw what Kara from Chelseamamma was ordering I really couldn’t punish myself – Costa this is all your fault for being super attractive.

So all kids at school and a whole working day to nail the blogger outreach and PR for clients. I obviously needed fuel right?

My first Mince Pie of the year was amazing. The company was great too. Kara and I live minutes from each other but never get the chance to catch up these days. I have a feeling that a Wednesday  morning “meeting” could be the future for both of us self-employed mums. 

See you next week Costa!