Podcast 1 Mental health

My Top 10 Ways To Relax

I have things I do and places I go that make me feel calm, happy and inspired. I wanted to share them with you…

  1. The gym.  Most of the time it’s hard work getting my bum there because I love getting settled on the sofa under a blanket but I love the feeling once i’m there.  I love running on the treadmill for 3 miles whilst listening to music, like Coldplay Fix You and catching up on vlogs. It’s MY TIME and I feel great after a workout.
  2. My lounge when there’s nobody home, I sit in the same seat on the sofa, with the light beaming though our big window looking out on the neighbourhood. It’s the lightest room in the house and it’s a ‘feel good’ room with my cozy blankets.
  3. My bed in the early evening with my laptop, or a book or the TV on. It reminds me of my teenage years at my parents. I loved hanging out in my bedroom and having my own space.
  4. The beach for me, in the autumn or winter months is amazing and THE time to own a beach hut i think (I don’t but i would love to!) It’s also our dogs favourite place too. Wrapping up and walking and chatting and feeling windswept and tired after, going home to a glass of red and getting into pj’s. The beach will also inspire me to think clearly and feel lucky to live on the South Coast. 
  5. A glass or two of red wine on a weekend afternoon. It’s the best way to relax when there are no plans and let’s face it, with three kids there’s always something going on at the weekend. A day off feels like doing something different and I say, get the radio on and enjoy a couple of glasses of wine relaxing at home.
  6. A small coffee shop, and even better somewhere tucked away in a nice little village with wifi and you know you have at least two hours to enjoy some Dorset cake and a nice, frothy coffee.
  7. Reading a book will always be on my list of faves! I get so excited at the thought of reading a book but picking between a good fiction book and a book that will help me to think, learn and grow isn’t easy. However, no matter what I chose, there’s nothing better than reading a book whilst in a hot bath filled with bubbles.
  8. Reading a magazine is not something I do very often, well apart from my Slimming World magazine that I get every month but I now read magazines on my Readly app – usually a running magazine or OK. It’s the only way I know what is going on in the world. Have you seen this app?
  9. Reading blogs is something i have always loved doing since I started blogging myself in 2005. I love finding out about people and I learn so much! Sometimes it’s nice knowing that there’s other ‘real’ people out there.
  10. Finally, I love making coffee in my kitchen because I have the perfect spot and view whilst the kettle boils. I love looking out of the kitchen window at the squirrels running up and down the trees – see, nature again! It really helps my mind drift.
Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/ashtray-book-cushion-decoration-298842/


Now what I would love to add to my list is a lovely area that I can sit and write at – I have found such a beautiful desk in John Lewis and it would look lovely in front of a window or in my favourite room – the living room! I would also love a single armchair with a book shelf and coffee table – my own little reading corner.

I would love to know how you relax! Make sure you leave me a link to any blog posts you have written about relaxing.

Podcast 1 Mental health

Trees … The Perfect Escapism

I’m telling myself off right now for not blogging enough. What the heck is wrong with me. I love blogging, i love reading blogs, i love working with bloggers… and yet there’s a matter where I work in PR and i never work at PR’ing myself, market myself or blog. I’m always feeling so content to be looking after everyone else and thinking that I’m not good enough to market myself. WHO AM I? Why do we do this?



Oh my days I am so content these days. Three weeks off the Prozac people… i know i could crash any day now and i have had a couple of moments of tears and rocking with a large glass of wine but my husband is always there to help me and after a good nights sleep  i’m okay again. It’s okay right?  It’s probably very normal and nobody likes to admit. I’m too honest for my own good!

So this month so far my beautiful family have moved house, i have a new business partner (more will be revealed next month), i have applied to be a channel mum but although i’m crossing everything i’m pretty sure there is no way i will be picked but as i have learnt in my last year of freelancing – you never know unless you ask!

Oh my days my house, my new area… It’s not a palace by the way, but it’s the fact that the house is finished and there are no unfinished jobs to be done… honest it’s  the best! After being in a house with unfinished DIY, this is utter bliss. There’s carpet. We spent a year with laminate due to getting a puppy! It was cold and a nightmare to wake up to every morning, especially when the sun was shining. You could see everything!  Every time you came home you were greeted with what felt like a dirty house and it drove me bonkers. There’s a really good sized utility room in this house that i would like turned into my office so this will require plaster board, new lights and painting but I’m saving for the man who can!


I’m really enjoying work these days. Why didn’t i go freelance sooner? The flexible working is great when you have three girls who need you to run them around to all their school clubs, to talk to, to hang out with. I dedicate three days a week to working, and most evenings with the odd weekend mixed in and although i may grumble at times, it’s bloody amazing! I work with parenting brands because i have discovered that that is where my passion belongs. I really enjoy working in the parenting market, and especially working FOR  parents who run their own business. Seriously inspiring and such a rewarding job.

Close to our house we have the heath, a beautiful super huge heath with amazing views. It’s just truly beautiful. Nature really clears my mind. It’s so handy having a dog. It’s less than a 5-minute walk from my house. The sound of the tree’s bustling and the birds tweeting. A good fast paced stomp, a slow walk or a run … it’s all just perfect for clearing the mind, having a good cry and feeling refreshed.


Since moving house, I made a promise that my well-being would come first. I have taken on a couple of freelancers myself and a business partner and I make sure i make time at least once a week to pop to the garden centre and then spend time in my greenhouse. My Fridays are my CHILL THE HECK OUT DAYS and my Mondays are my food shopping days as i spent the weekend fretting about everything i had to do.

It’s funny because i actually said to Dave that if the sun is shining Sunday for Mother’s Day I would love for him to take the kids out to play and I can pop music on, open all my windows without worrying a kid will fall out and clean and potter. It would be a real treat. Jeez … as i wrote that i realised just how sad i am now, or is it that i’m so content and it’s the little treats in life?

Podcast 1 Mental health

New Home With Children

Hey! So we did it… we finally did it. We moved house! This is something that we have been wanting for years and after Dave had a dream that we should be moving, with the process starting the morning after the dream, we finally moved at the beginning of March. A very anxious 13 weeks after we had our offer accepted.

That spring clean moment for us started in November as soon as we sold the house and I have been so excited about making a new start. For me, the move was all about A FRESH START with everything. Who I work for, who I surround myself with, how I handle my anxiety, how I raise my children, how I cope with daily life as a mum who juggles work/house/kids/life. For me, this move was bigger than the house, it was all about saying GOODBYE to my depression and focusing on getting myself to where I have dreamt of for so long.

My prayers were answered and God listened.
As all the boxing up was happening, I felt numb. I was actually at the point where I wanted to leave everything but my family photo’s behind and start all over again. I have been ready for the new start for a while now.

I’m not sure if it was wise but I chose to go cold turkey on my anti-depressants on the day of the move. There’s nothing wrong with taking them but I have become dependent on them for years now. Relying on them to give me the energy and balance that my brain needs. It was annoying me how all my friends seem to juggle a hectic life without tablets and I needed them. I have been weak for so long. This is my chance to feel and be strong and to start a new journey where I learn to deal with my emotions.


My family and I love our new home and from the second we moved in, this house felt like OUR home. It was meant to be. God helped us find the home that fitted us. I will forever be grateful.

The neighbours so far, seem so lovely. We have had lovely welcome cards and the local kids come and knock for Nevie, Myla and Matilda to play out on their bikes.

I’m determined to get rid of the stress. I have come to realise that I can’t cope with stress. I just can’t cope with any form of stress. I only want to do the things that make me smile. I want life to flow without the stress. I like seeing my kids happy with their own space and Dave happy with his space. I’m fed up with crying in front of my kids.


Looking back, in 16 years, we have worked so hard to progress on the housing ladder. The two of us didn’t have expectations of a house. We just wanted to live together and be home-owners. We knew that each house we lived in was never our forever home. We tried to move several times but each time proved impossible until we decided to speak with an independent mortgage broker and she managed to offer more opportunities than a bank. We were surprised! She went beyond her call of duty. Being a mum herself meant that she understood our needs. I would encourage anyone looking to buy to speak with Pam at Chine Financial because she truly was our guardian angel and we will forever be grateful for making that phone call to her the day after Daves dream.

Unpacking means that I’m analysing everything because I don’t want to fill my home with ‘the black cloud’. Everything in my home needs to have that lovely, happy feeling. I need everything in my house to scream ‘we will be okay’ and I’m pretty sure that sounds crazy. Not only does this approach take place in my personal belongings but with activities and friends and work. Life is short and I know that it’s too important to waste. I can’t afford to be that unhappy person, I have three little girls that look up to me. I’m their influence. I’m the main woman in their beautiful lives that they are inspired to be.

Anyway, thank you for reading my rambles!


Emma x

Podcast 1 Mental health

I have no idea how people do the 500 calorie diet

The Diet…

The calorie counting has had its plus and minuses if i’m honest. When I do it, it’s a real eye opener and I have no idea how people do this 500 calorie diet. I can’t seem to go under 1200 calories! On those days I don’t add data to the calorie counting app I feel like I’m free and I don’t eat as much. How does that work?! Anyway i’m 4lbs lighter than last year which is better than 4lbs on I guess.


Since the new year, I have run a lot. I’m talking 11 miles every weekend and dancing and gym and school runs (seriously I’m counting everything).

I just need to find someone to serve me my healthy snacks and meals – simple!

The House Move …

So, we sold at the end of November and we also bought at the end of November. We are currently so close to exchanging that I’m constantly checking my emails for the solicitor to announce the much-needed news. Argh it’s driving me insane. As both my husband and I work all week we have been doing clear outs, tip runs and packing on weekends around birthday parties and family outings. There is no method to the madness at all. Just tip everything we don’t want and box everything we are keeping. We still have lots to do but we are in limbo. How much do you pack up before you have exchanged? My existing house, of 10 years feels cold and empty now. We are ready to move on. In our minds this move is a fresh start and we want that fresh start to happen now. It’s almost like waiting for a much awaited holiday to come around.  I can imagine myself and my family in our new home – which is incredible when I have only been inside it once and day dream from the images on the leaflet. I also have worries. What if this house is nothing like I remember. The big move and all that excitement for nothing.

We still have lots to do but we are in limbo. How much do you pack up before you have exchanged? My existing house, of 10 years feels cold and empty now. We are ready to move on. In our minds this move is a fresh start and we want that fresh start to happen now. It’s almost like waiting for a much needed holiday to come around.  I can imagine myself and my family in our new home – which is incredible when I have only been inside it once and day dream from the images on the leaflet. I also have worries. What if this house is nothing like I remember. The big move and all that excitement for nothing. The grass isn’t always greener and all that.

Luckily there’s no work to do to the house – from what i remember. I want a wall taken down and the garage to be transformed and new furniture. I want all my girls to have pretty single beds rather than their high sleepers, I want a new bed, something vintage and pretty. A new dining table, A new sofa. I also want new curtains and new bedding, a new desk and a new dresser. I just want to start all over again and buy the things that I have dreamt about for years. I want it all light and white and calm and relaxing.

We spent the last ten years growing up in our house. Wasting money and saving money. Having three children and going from the early days in our careers to wherewe are now in our thirties. Our existing house had been the house that we have been growing up in. We have learnt a lot and created new dreams. Our new house is where we will be grown ups. Our decisions will be better. Our income and understanding of money is better.

The people my husband and I and our children want to be and want to become will happen in this house.