Podcast 1 Mental health

Week 1 Calorie Counting Diary – Test Week

Day 1 of the diet DONE so today we are onto day 2. I felt so proud of myself yesterday turning down wine and chocolate and cheese 😬 For January I’m aiming to shift half a stone which means I need to have willpower. Something I don’t have much of these days! For me, it’s important I lose the weight that I don’t want to carry because it plays on my mind and makes my mood very low. Today I plan on being active and going on a good long walk with my kids, hubby and pup. Packing fruit as snacks.


Day two of my New Year diet and I’m enjoying calorie counting. I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself and I was still allowed to have a small glass of red wine whilst cooking dinner. We walked for 2.5hrs in the forest today and it was brilliant. I LOVE stomps in nature. Free, educational and so refreshing. 💕 My first run of the new year is happening tomorrow which I’m excited about. It will be an early one but it sets you up for the day.


Day three and I have felt sick on and off today. I ran at 6am and picked on food a lot today but still within my calorie allowance and all healthy. My heart has been racing lots – like mini panic attacks. I think it’s because I haven’t been able to work for three weeks and I’m eager to get on with it. Kids are gradually going back to school this week so next week will be a normal week. I feel overwhelmed and I want to eat crap to help my anxiety and I can’t. I want wine. I can’t. No idea how to help the anxiety without chocolate and wine. That’s all I know. I’m trying to breathe and write a list but that’s not helping either.

Day 4 and today was a work day, mummy day, take the dog to the vet day, treat Matilda to a swim day and school run day! Woah. I used my calories on Warburtons thins and spinach/rocket. oh! And skinny popcorn! It was hard not snacking on chocolate and biscuits because that’s all I wanted as I’m super tired with kids not sleeping and felt a little anxious with juggling everything today. I did it though because that crap isn’t in the house anymore. I also met a client deadline today. My treat will be a glass of red wine whilst I carry on working tonight. I also consumed heaps of lemon water today and all I have done is visit the toilet every half an hour!

Day 5 and I’m 3lbs lighter. Yay!!! My mind is clearer and I’m feeling happier. I’m focused😎 and UNDER my calorie allowance today. Always good

Day 6 and I’m tired. Stupidly tired. Lost 3.5lbs in 6 days so I’m pleased but I’m craving crap so bad!! My kids haven’t been eating badly either this week so I gave them these sweet pots as a Friday treat. Their behavior has been so much better this week. I just want to drink a bottle of wine now in my pj’s … but I won’t! I’m heading out to see friends and I’m not drinking anything but sparkling water.


Day 7 and I decided to have a fringe cut and buy new makeup in order to feel better about myself. I had chocolate today 🙈but doing a 10-mile run tomorrow so i forgive myself. That bottle of prosecco has really blown it for me this week.


Day 8 and a 10 mile run, 1.5ltr of water and a Sunday roast for me! 💕 However I had a bottle of prosecco last night – awful I know! I think I will lower my calorie intake this week by a 50 and also up my 5k runs to three times this week as I didn’t run much last week. Aim for week two is to up my fruit intake.

Running mileage week 1 = 24k

Total Calories Consumed = 11,728 (allowance was 10,400)

Total Calories Burned = 2,007

So I’m trying to see week 1 as a test run – stupid prosecco! Stupid breakdown yesterday! So for the week ahead I’m allowing myself a total of (Monday to Sunday) 8,400 calories for the 7 days. In this time I’m hoping to burn 2000 calories from running.

Food this week should include;

Turkey breasts, chicken breasts, pasta, gammon, 5% mince, homemade bolognese and lots of fruit and veg.