Weymouth Sealife Centre – A Great Day Out!

Over the summer break, we tried to do as much as we could in between both Dave and I working. We were keen to do things that were different and memorable. Camping at different places and a couple of trips to see family in Guernsey have been really wonderful but we were thrilled to also cram in a day trip to one of our favourite places; Weymouth. We haven’t been to Weymouth Sealife Centre in years and I had heard from friends that it had changed so when Liz Lean PR invited me and my family to visit and meet the Octonauts and meet Kwaazi we jumped at the chance. Matilda is a huge fan! I noticed that this was only on until the end of August but now they have CBBC’s most daring family of the deep sea. LOOK HERE

A 40 minutes drive for me and the kids as Dave was working, and although I was really anxious about doing this alone, i knew some friends would be there to say Hi too and we had the satnav!

We were blessed with beautiful weather and a really lovely drive.

As soon as we arrived, we were given some explorers books to check off as we went around. After each section, the kids stamped their books to say that they had been to that section.There are some odd looking fish! fascinated though, the kids got straight to it reading all the facts on the boards as we went around. The only thing we could have done with was a map!

If you go, you have to take some time out to let the kids run around and play at the Caribbean Cove whilst you sit on the grass and grab a costa. It totally restored my energy levels. The kids loved this new area!

This kind of day out is an all day out with a picnic. I loved that there were plenty of picnic areas dotted around. I wish we made the effort to head down to the beach at the end of day because it’s only across the road. A fish and chip supper would have been perfect! We were all so tired from such a fun day and I was worried how i would cope with the tired kids on my own – seriously I panic too much as it’s not like my kids are really bad!

When I asked my girls what they LOVED about the day they said the new Ideas Zone. I have to agree! Basically, the kids put on their lab coats and picked up a toy turtle and then put it under machines to X-ray. Here they got to name them and find out what was wrong with them. It was then their job to nurse them back to good health. The kids absolutely loved that part and we could have easily spent ages in here!

The kids also loved the Splash Zone. I am so glad I packed their swim wear and a towel.

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