Channel Mum Inspired. Time To Vlog

I posted earlier on my YouTube channel about how I didn’t make it as a Channel Mum this time around. I felt a little gutted because I love Channel Mum vloggers and really wanted to be recognised by them and have the support to grow. I think all the vloggers are ACE. I don’t think I have ever felt like the cool kid in the blogging community, and just wanted to be a part of it.


I know you have to blog several times a week and comment and network but I don’t get much of a chance. I think it’s all so fast paced for me and I can’t keep up. I do try. I’m forever in survival mode with the kids and house and running and having my own business so I’m trying to be part of the cool community but it’s such hard work. How does everyone do it? I adore the blogging and vlogging community. I work with so many influencers as part of my job and i admire everyone. I’m only gutted i didn’t make it as a Channel Mum but don’t feel negative towards the decision or towards those that did make it. It’s actually a wake up call of how much i wanted to be accepted and how much i wanted the support to grow but i will simply do it from the ‘outside’ and see what happens.

I know too well not to accept defeat – always another chance and always worth trying again because you actually go on a journey and learn along the way.

Have you seen who has been accepted? I have actually discovered some new bloggers which is exciting.


My kids are keen for me to vlog so let’s do this … and for goodness sake can someone please tell me how to hold my phone to film?!

Well done to those that made it – I’m looking forward to watching you grow 🙂 and to those that didn’t? It’s not the end of the world – just vlog your heart out and see what happens.

Emma x

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