My Top 10 Ways To Relax

I have things I do and places I go that make me feel calm, happy and inspired. I wanted to share them with you…

  1. The gym.  Most of the time it’s hard work getting my bum there because I love getting settled on the sofa under a blanket but I love the feeling once i’m there.  I love running on the treadmill for 3 miles whilst listening to music, like Coldplay Fix You and catching up on vlogs. It’s MY TIME and I feel great after a workout.
  2. My lounge when there’s nobody home, I sit in the same seat on the sofa, with the light beaming though our big window looking out on the neighbourhood. It’s the lightest room in the house and it’s a ‘feel good’ room with my cozy blankets.
  3. My bed in the early evening with my laptop, or a book or the TV on. It reminds me of my teenage years at my parents. I loved hanging out in my bedroom and having my own space.
  4. The beach for me, in the autumn or winter months is amazing and THE time to own a beach hut i think (I don’t but i would love to!) It’s also our dogs favourite place too. Wrapping up and walking and chatting and feeling windswept and tired after, going home to a glass of red and getting into pj’s. The beach will also inspire me to think clearly and feel lucky to live on the South Coast. 
  5. A glass or two of red wine on a weekend afternoon. It’s the best way to relax when there are no plans and let’s face it, with three kids there’s always something going on at the weekend. A day off feels like doing something different and I say, get the radio on and enjoy a couple of glasses of wine relaxing at home.
  6. A small coffee shop, and even better somewhere tucked away in a nice little village with wifi and you know you have at least two hours to enjoy some Dorset cake and a nice, frothy coffee.
  7. Reading a book will always be on my list of faves! I get so excited at the thought of reading a book but picking between a good fiction book and a book that will help me to think, learn and grow isn’t easy. However, no matter what I chose, there’s nothing better than reading a book whilst in a hot bath filled with bubbles.
  8. Reading a magazine is not something I do very often, well apart from my Slimming World magazine that I get every month but I now read magazines on my Readly app – usually a running magazine or OK. It’s the only way I know what is going on in the world. Have you seen this app?
  9. Reading blogs is something i have always loved doing since I started blogging myself in 2005. I love finding out about people and I learn so much! Sometimes it’s nice knowing that there’s other ‘real’ people out there.
  10. Finally, I love making coffee in my kitchen because I have the perfect spot and view whilst the kettle boils. I love looking out of the kitchen window at the squirrels running up and down the trees – see, nature again! It really helps my mind drift.
Photo by Terje Sollie from Pexels


Now what I would love to add to my list is a lovely area that I can sit and write at – I have found such a beautiful desk in John Lewis and it would look lovely in front of a window or in my favourite room – the living room! I would also love a single armchair with a book shelf and coffee table – my own little reading corner.

I would love to know how you relax! Make sure you leave me a link to any blog posts you have written about relaxing.

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