Sometimes I Try Too Hard

Sometimes I try too hard. Actually, make that most of the time. If I really took the time to sit and think at the end of every single day what I had done, ya know, reflect then I would always end up asking myself why I bothered.

Why did I really go to that event?

Why did I really park where I did for the school run?

Why did I really blog?

Why did I really cook that dinner?

Why did I really go to that class?

Why do I take my kids to those activities?

Why did I really text that person?

I try too hard.

If I stopped trying and I just got on with my own business. My own life. The easy route then would all those things be missed? Would I feel any different? Would I worry so much? Would I care so much?

Have you ever got to that point where you think, hey! Let’s not bother. Let’s see what happens if I don’t try. If I take the simple life. So many people in my life that aren’t actually bothered about me. It’s just being polite. 

Earn only the amount I need to get by and not try and take on the world. Just cook one simple dinner that I know the family will eat. Park closer at the school where Matilda isnt going to have a melt down that it’s so far and she is freezing cold. Don’t text those that actually aren’t bothered about hearing from you. Just walk away from blogging as it’s just another thing that nobody cares about. Just keep myself to myself. Just don’t try. I wonder what would happen?

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