When You Start Your Day With Costa

Not a bad way to start my working day. Although I told myself I would simply order a black coffee but when I saw what Kara from Chelseamamma was ordering I really couldn’t punish myself – Costa this is all your fault for being super attractive.

So all kids at school and a whole working day to nail the blogger outreach and PR for clients. I obviously needed fuel right?

My first Mince Pie of the year was amazing. The company was great too. Kara and I live minutes from each other but never get the chance to catch up these days. I have a feeling that a Wednesday  morning “meeting” could be the future for both of us self-employed mums. 

See you next week Costa! 

One thought on “When You Start Your Day With Costa

  1. AK says:

    I absolutely love the fact that there will be a costa in walking distance from our new house! exited and dangerous at the same time! I normally just have it as a special treat when i go into town and now that its walking distance away god knows how many treats i will have! AK

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