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Destination Wedding Planning Checklist

Destination weddings have been in trend for a long time; however, it includes a lengthy and exasperating list of quirks to accomplish and be taken care of. In addition, the beauty and excitement of a destination wedding bring a hell of a lot of preparation with it as you are moving to a completely different city and have to arrange everything effectively. 

Managing all the arrangements and stuff for each day is quite challenging; therefore, to help you organize and manage everything from small to big, With Happy Hearts guarantees you fulfill all the desired needs.  Therefore, Here with Happy Hearts, you will browse the destination wedding checklist to help with everything to run smoothly before and during the wedding day. 

Don't take stress; With Happy Hearts have made your tasks simpler by adding valuable tips to the new wedding planning checklist. Check it out to know more about it!

Best Destination Wedding Checklist Guide

You should start planning your wedding at least 6 - 8months in advance to avoid any last-minute rush. Keep in mind some of the vital points listed below: 

  • Select Your Destination: The foremost step is to finalize your destination for your wedding. Deciding your final destination is a tough job as you have to look at various elements like proper space, location, etc. 
  • Decoration of your choice: The second important step is to decide on a perfect decor for each day that suits your location and, based on the theme for the particular ceremony, add a cherry on the top to your destination wedding.
  • Wrap up the guest list: Settle up with your guest list and decide whom you will invite. It is another most crucial work to wind up with because it takes a long time to make a complete list of your friends and family. So, you might miss out on some names but, don't worry; we can add them later whenever we recall.
  • Make your playlist: To avoid the last-minute hustle bustle with the DJ, submit the list of the songs of your choice in advance for each day. Make sure to add all the latest songs and make a backup list to help if the original list gets lost.
  • Wedding events: Decide and finalize all the wedding events and give detailed information with accurate dates to your wedding planner. Put all the pre-post wedding events so that you don't face any problem on the last day. In addition, recheck with your wedding planner before one in advance of every event. 
  • Wedding cards: Get your wedding cards designed and printed in advance so that you can timely send them all to your beloved friends and family. Distributing all the cards is challenging as you personally have to go and invite your friends and family who recite in the same city. Apart from it, there are cards which you may have to courier so keep a record of that too.
  • Get ready your transport: Make sure your transport team is ready to take your customers from the airport to the hotel. Make a list of the names and the exact timings of their arrival so the team doesn't face any difficulty finding and bringing them safely to the hotel.
  • Wedding shopping: Purchasing your dream dress is the most challenging task ever, as it takes a longer time. Moreover, you might not like the attire, design, colour, and more as there is a lot of stuff to buy for your wedding, including the wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, and more.

Wrapping Up 

Planning for your destination wedding is a real tough job as it takes more planning and plotting than scheduling it in your city. It is the most precious day of your life, and you want everything super perfect and beautiful, but it's hard to manage it all alone. Hence, With Happy Hearts have brought up a wedding planning checklist guide as a helping hand for all the new bees who are planning or beginning with scheming their beautiful wedding diaries. In addition, With Happy Hearts provide you with a full-fledged team to make your dreams come true. The above-mentioned are some of the crucial steps to consider for your grand wedding.