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Unique Indian Wedding Invitation Ideas in 2021

A wedding invitation is the most valuable facet of the wedding ceremony. As per the Indian tradition, there is an ethical liturgy to personally go and invite your family and friends with all sweets and gifts. It is a huge ceremonial occasion to invite your loved ones to your happiness with utmost respect and love. 

However, deciding on a perfect wedding invitation card with a unique invitation idea is another formidable task as you have to unleash one of the best ideas. There are endless options available in the market for you to decide. 


The Best Indian Wedding Invitation Ideas That You Must Consider

To make your task a bit gullible, you can decide on a perfect Indian wedding destination idea with happy hearts as the entire team aims to serve their customers with the best and fulfill their desires. Want to know more about it? Check out some fantastic unique Indian wedding ideas to make an efficient decision for your grand wedding

1. Keeping it minimal

The new mantra for keeping the invitations classy is “Not Trying Too Hard”. It is best for someone wanting something decent yet high-class, then "The Minimalist Route" is one of the best types of Indian wedding invitation ideas. It sets the entire tone as extremely elegant and sophisticated. In this type of invitation, soft combinations of pastel pinks and soft hues are used. In addition, several pops of color (to the bare minimum) at selected places of your invitations are also used. 

2. Team Planet type

Another type in the list of unique invitation ideas is the Team Planet. The idea here is to add a touch of sustainability to the wedding invitation. It has two representations of invitations to tender. The first is to go completely paperless and instead compose a well-edited wedding invitation video. The second is to seek an eco-friendly path. It would include opting for recycled paper and vegetable-based inks as the base for your invitation cards. In addition, to intensify the involvement of this drive, it would be best if you go for shades of green as the primary color of your invitation. 

3. Blossom type

This is the most trendy type of invitation for 2021, which includes flower impressions and patterns. The floral prints on the invitation cards give a happy and loving vibe. Also, if you are someone fascinated with flowers and their beauty, you should incorporate this theme into your invitations without giving them a second thought.

4. Celestial Celebration Type

This invitation is a beautiful and appealing type. The theme is inspired by nature, magnifying moons and stars. As a personal touch, you can also add your zodiac signs on the cards. The use of moons, stars, and galaxy designs results in a romantic and dreamy-looking type of invitation. This theme would suit best for those who have always dreamed of their wedding day like a fairytale. 


Everybody wants a unique wedding idea to make their wedding a super hit dream wedding. You can execute this plan by listing some of the best ideas you relish and then finalize the most favorable and special out of all for your wedding. All the best! “With Happy Hearts” are always there to help you materialize your dream destination wedding.

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